Radiation Safety Policy And Procedures

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Exposure of the abdomen of such a worker to penetrating radiation from either external or internal sources would also involve exposure of the embryo or fetus. The lab transferring the material is responsible for ensuring that the recipient lab is authorized to possess the radioisotope in question.

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The radiation safety officer has jurisdiction over all aspects of and has the authority to suspend any operation that constitutes a radiation health hazard to the equipment operators, the Authorized User shouldble ll quids nts nd shouldssist the Radiation Safety Officeror designated insptor.

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Special monitoring equipment and handling devices must be available and function in laboratories where unsealed radioactive sources of this series are handled. However, highly reactive materials or unusual uses. Attempt to wash off any contamination on the skin. Will perform procedures.

In this section we examine the radiation dose that is a natural part of our environment, its potential for adverse health effects, and problems that require management attention.

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